Experienced Professionals

Decades of growing, building, testing and refining have gone into each team member that makes up ECT.
Agriculture is our passion, not a job. Find out more specifics on the gang below…

Chief Agronomist

Dr. Ben Elliott

Chief Agronomist

Dr. Ben has poured his entire life into helping farmers and growers achieve excellence in their field performance. He’s been the man behind the curtain too many times to count, but that’s not where we landed him. We put him right out on the porch for all to see and learn from! Give Dr Ben one nugget of information and walk away five times smarter. He’s a giver of knowledge, a man of soil advancement and agricultural greatness.

Todd Sears

Founding Test Pilot

Todd has loved farming as far back as he can remember. With a grandfather who was a dairyman, he watched him work multiple jobs just to secure the farm. Todd’s life goal was to create tools that produce high impact results on farm. He has guided, mentored and personally tested every product ECT deploys. He loves his family, our good Lord and testing new limits in production agriculture.