BenE.Fit 2: Grow

The purpose of Benefit Grow© is to provide and extract from the soil the maximum amount of Phosphorous needed for efficient vegetative growth by supporting chemical and biological interaction with new growth plants. Benefit Grow© allows a large deduction of applied Phosphorous, and in some instances, total reduction of applied Phosphorous. It is recommended to conduct soil and plant tissue tests to ensure plant health is not compromised.

ECT BenE.Fit is available for a variety of crops. If the specific crop you are searching is not listed, please contact your ECT authorized representative.

As the components of our system are organic and available in the blends ECT has designed, we can assist you with the necessary documentation for organic certified operations on your farm. All the blends available from ECT are useable in most application systems including fertigation and hydroponic systems. Please conduct a jar test to ensure compatibility with any tank-mix partners you wish to blend. The product listed should be applied as a foliar feed to all crops.

backgrounding barley

Small Grains

Wheat (HRW & SRW, Durum), Wheat Spring, Barley, Oats, Canola, Grain Sorghum (Milo)

Soybean growth


Soybeans (GMO, NonGMO & Organic), High Oleic & High Protein), Peanuts, Bean Lupin. Bean Phaseolus: Field, Kidney, Lima, Navy, Pinto, Runner, Snap, Tepary, Wax. Bean Vigna: Blackeyed Pea, Chinese Longbean, Cowpea, Mung, Southern Pea, Fava, Chickpea, Guar, Jackbean, Lablab, Lentil, Pea Pisum: Dwarf Pea, Edible-Podded Pea, English, Field, Garden, Green, Snowpea, Sugar Snap Soybean, Sword Pea


Yellow Dent Field Corn, White Corn, Pop Corn, Organic Corn


All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

All of our chemical ingredients are organic certified.


We strive tot build the world, not tear it down. Ask Dr. Ben about drinking the chemical!


Our facility, our team and our products are all maintained with integrity.