This soybean program is designed to benefit the crop by introducing hormones and amino acids along with soluble nutrients at the key times the crop needs them most. Our proprietary system combines on-site monitoring of the key parameters it takes for a crop to reach growth stages and eventually maturity. By monitoring, in real time, the building GDUs and moisture, we can keep farmers ahead of the curve it takes to preserve as much of the yield potential of their crops as possible.

This program is based around the energy requirements of a growing crop, not just the removal rates of nutrients. With Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen being the key elements of nutrient loading and growth, we focus on maximizing the content and conversions of those same three elements. With our program we help a grower reach not only better yields, but better quality.

With this program a grower can effectively reduce synthetic inputs by as much as 50% within the first two years. We also want to establish better soil health with this system. Though it is built around growth and energy, we include the right biologicals to kick off improving soil health. Our system starts as a digester after harvest or before planting. This helps return nutrients contained within the biomass in a plant-available form that is soluble to the new crop. No more waiting years for the benefits of the biomass break down.

It is an easy program to incorporate. This system can easily be tank-mixed with most applications. The other elements of this program can be tank-mixed with pesticides. Rarely do we ask growers to make extra trips through the crop, just space them out where they bring the maximum benefit to the crop. Also, our system can be applied through any type of irrigation. It is especially beneficial when used through center pivot irrigators because the beneficial bacteria help reduce and prevent further build-up of scale in the system.

General Recommendations are that you apply at certain growth stages as determined by plant development and GDU accumulation. For further assistance about how to deploy this system to your crop, please contact your authorized ECT representative.